The idea started 15 years ago as a hobby to collect old light antiques such as: old radios , gramophones , old musical instruments ,old frames , marine stuff, copper vases and various wooden products.

The Antique FlashBack Gallery is a distinguished showroom where you can buy affordable, high quality collection & rare fine pieces of Antiques.
We are professional in oldish interior designs and marine decoration.
we had the honor to be selected for making the interior designs of famous hotels ,restaurants and pubs in Egypt .
We are specialized in hand made tools made of wood or leather .
We are also pioneers in oldish wedding theme decorations as well as design untraditional wedding invitations .

فلاش باك جاليري اسم مميز في مجال الانتيك و التحف النادره, لدينا مجموعه رائعه و  باسعار مناسبه. ايضا فلاش باك تميزت بالتصميمات الداخليه سواء الديكور ذى الطابع القديم أو البحري بكل ما فيه من رونق ،ليس ذلك فقط بل انطلقت فلاش باك لتحقق نجاح اخر كمورد لتجهيزات المطاعم متخصص في الادوات المصنوعه من الخشب و الجلد و النحاس و الفخار ( صنع يدوي ) .و لن ننتهي من ابداعات فلاش باك المستمره لمحبي الذوق الرفيز

 Interior Design Department

We implement the design chosen by the clients into the environment that fits it right in order to reveal the style in different corners of the unit.


  Restaurent suplies

We have the ability to create handmade tools made of valuable materials like wood, brass or leather for hotels, restaurants & Pubs such as: plate mats, ash trays, pepper & salt-shakers …etc . And also create untraditional wedding invitations from materials like wood, brass & natural leather .

  Latest Additions

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